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Catalytic Converters

Need a new catalytic converter?
Was your converter stolen?
What the heck is a Catalytic Converter?

To begin with:

Catalytic Converters are emissions devices that reduce pollution and harmful smog emissions from your engine. Think of them as exhaust filters. They do this by chemical reaction between the unburned fuel and air in your exhaust and the Precious metals inside including Platinum and Palladium, which leads to the reason they get stolen: they are expensive. Some converters need replacement due to old age, failed smog check or contamination from other engine issues or problems.


Here at M/T Automotive we have been replacing and installing Catalytic Converters since 2008 and have access to converters for all makes and models.


All our converters are California approved to pass smog and all work is guaranteed. We also install catalytic converter protection products.


Please fill out the form bellow to get a quote on a converter replacement/ repair or send us a message if you have any questions. 

Anti-Theft Protectors

Image by Chris Carzoli


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